[Exclusive] Picture of the iSlate Mounting Kit.

Some news from the iSlate hardware saga … That’s it! Live, uncensored and exklusive – the iSlate Mounting Kit for fixing the iSlate onto tables, racks, walls et cetera. The picture was provided by some of my secret friends working at Thingamajig Heavy Industries near — CENSORED — in the solitude of the Great Zone. Isn’t it cool? I want to have this IMMEDIATELY!

(click for a bigger view)

The parts will be made of pure steel with some flavours of titanium forged by the hands of young virgins.

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2 Antworten zu „[Exclusive] Picture of the iSlate Mounting Kit.“

  1. Avatar von Sascha

    Where is the order button?

    1. Avatar von Besim Karadeniz

      Steve hasn’t presented the Mounting Kit in his annual church service officially so there is no order button at this time.

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